This page describes the method I use to sideload my apps on my Windows Phone with Windows 10 mobile installed. Remember; this is only necessary to install app packages which aren't published in the Windows store. Installing them via the Windows store is the most easiest way.

This procedure is necessary because the Pebble Time Manager app is in face a Windows Phone 8.1 app and not a native Windows 10 app. Native Windows 10 apps can be installed more easily. If someone knows an easier procedure, please let me know.

Set phone in developer mode

To be able to sideload apps on your phone it has to be developer unlocked. This process is fully described on the Micrsoft website. In shore these are the steps to make:

  1. Go to 'All settings' and select 'Update and security'.

    W10 update and security setting

  2. Select the item 'For developers'.

    W10 settings for developers

  3. Select the 'Developer mode'.

    W10 set developer mode

  4. Acknowledge the change.

    W10 acknowledge change mode

Install Visual Studio 2013 Express

There are multiple ways to install an app on your developer unlocked phone. The method that works best for me is via the AppDeploy application from Microsoft. This is part of the Visual Studio and SDKs. If you have installed one of them, you can skip this section.

  1. Go to SDK archive and select the installation of the Windows Phone 8.1 development tools. This will install Visual Studio 2013 Express

    installing Visual Studio 2013 installation Visual Studio 2013 complete

Deploy the app

  1. Open the application 'Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1'. You can find it by searching for appdeploy' in the start menu of Windows.

    Start menu example

  2. The application will be started and its window will appear. Make sure that your phone is connected via USB and the target is set to 'Device'.

    AppDeploy window

  3. Browse for the downloaded appx file.

    AppDeploy with appx

  4. Press the deploy button to initiate the deployment process.

    AppDeploy deploying

  5. After about 30 seconds the deployment is complete.

    AppDeploy complete

  6. The installed app is visibile on your phone in the recently added apps list.

    App in recently added