Pebble Time Manager enables you to connect your Pebble Time smartwatch with your Windows Phone (8.1 or 10). I started building it because I wanted to try some concepts in combination with smartwatches. Unfortunately there are no watches that work in combination with Windows Phone yet (except the Microsoft Band, but that is not available in the Netherlands).

The app is available in the Windows Store for Windows Phone 8.1 and for Windows 10

The Windows Phone 8.1 version does have the notification feature. Microsoft only accept apps from device manufacturers to have access to notifications on the Windows Phone 8.1. For good reasons. Since I am not a device manufacturer I have looked for alternative ways to publish my app with full functionality. The best way I have found so far is by sideloading.

Pebble Time Manager is free to use; but some extra features are unlocked via an in-app purchase.


Pebble Time Manager main screen Pebble Time Manager pebble store Pebble Time Manager settings Notifications acknowledgement


Version 2016.0424 (Windows Phone 8.1)

MD5 checksum: 356A88C0AF7FE608FE7EAFC867B25E05. To make sure you are sideloading an unaltered version; check the checksum of the downloaded file via for example

Version 2016.0530 (Windows Phone 8.1)

MD5 checksum: 8DC62286A54F569147DA107EDA04AD8F.

New features

  • Multiple Pebble watches.
  • Support for Pebble classic.


  • Adding watch faces and apps from Pebble Store.
  • Synchronizing calender to Pebble time line.
  • Multiple Pebble watches.
  • Support for Pebble classic.
  • Notifications

Pebble Time Manager is free, but donations are welcome. It will enable me to expand the collection of devices to test with.

Press on the button below to initiate the donation process.


If you have any questions, you can always contact me by e-mail at